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    Dr. Gilmer takes time with his patients, listens very well, and provides a complete menu of treatment options.

    - Mammoth Lakes, CA

    ~ Robert M ~

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    Dr Gilmer is a brilliant Dr who lives up to his very good reputation. His diagnosis & treatment of my knee injury was very quick I had knee arthroscopic surgery Dr Gilmer was patient, understanding & ensured I was comfortable he answered every question clearly. He even took care of my old acl injuri...

    ~ Paula in Bishop ~

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    Over Thanksgiving (2015) I fell against my wood stove and had extensive burns to my hands. I was flown to UCDavis. The doctors asked that I remain in Davis to ascertain if a skin graft was required. I elected to return home and see Dr. Gilmer. Dr. Gilmer started treating my hands with salve and a re...

    ~ Cathy Powell ~

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    Dr. Gilmer repaired a torn ankle tendon 6/2016. 7 months post op I am very happy with my rehab and healing.

    - Bishop, CA

    ~ CJV in Bishop ~

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    Dr. Gilmer is a knowledgeable, caring physician. He took the time to show me the CT scan of my shoulder and described my condition in easy to understand terms. Before and after surgery, Dr. Gilmer checked in multiple times in the pre / post operative area of the hospital. He seemed genuinely interes...

    ~ Frank Wagener ~

  • Healthgrades 354649Healthgrades
    Dr. Gilmer is an amazing doctor! Highly recommended

    - Lee Vining, Ca

    ~ Dianna Hansen ~

  • Healthgrades 354648Healthgrades
    I rate Dr. Gilmer a 10/10. Not only did he do a great thorough job putting my 15 piece patella back together but also fixed my broken femur and my torn ACL MCL and lateral meniscus. His bedside manner and true concern for my health and well being made me feel more comfortable than I ever could’ve ...

    ~ Roman Mcgrew ~

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    I have had four surgeries with Dr. Gilmer, and Dr. Gilmer alleviated my pain and has proven that he could match the high expectations I had for my healing. Despite having a really difficult and unique injury, he was always looking for solutions and available for discussion with ALL of my questions. ...

    ~ Aleksandra Karapetrova ~

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    I can not recommend Dr. Gilmer highly enough. He did emergency surgery on my knee at the Mammoth Lakes Hospital yesterday evening. When I met him I felt immediately confident that he knew what he was doing and that I was in good hands. He explained everything to me, showed me the images and what the...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer performed ACL reconstruction on my left knee on July 3rd, 2020. I am 3 months post op and am feeling strong and stable. I’m very pleased with his excellent care and he’s enhanced the healing with two plasma injections. Dr. Gilmer also communicated with me via email throughout my pre a...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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