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    Comments: Dr. Gilmer,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my left tibia and fibula, for all your amazing knowledge as a surgeon. Most importantly, thank you for you gentle touch, amazingly reassuring voice, and ability to make a rather grave, traumatic situation a much more manageable one. From the moment you entered my ER room I knew I was going to receive remarkable care. Your warm smile, strong handshake, and open desire to learn a bit about me and to allow me to ask questions of you, was truly a different approach from any other I have seen in most hospital settings. Thank you for putting me back together, answering ever so many questions, being available to my family, as well as to me and for helping me to put a smile on my face by bringing your absolutely beautiful daughter on rounds! You are a GEM of a human being! A surgeon like you, is RARE to find. I am filled with ever so much gratitude.


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