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    Comments: Dr. Gilmer,

    Hi! I recently had my 12 week follow-up meeting with Dr. Yau here in Santa Barbara. Additional x-rays were taken and Dr. Yau had me perform a series of motions with my left arm and shoulder. He pronounced me as having made good improvement in both range of motion and reduction of pain. X-rays look good. Apparently, I am slightly ahead of the rehab curve. I do my routine of 10-12 rehab exercises twice every day. My focus, from my shoulder-experienced PT guy, is on reps and good form, not increasing resistance, weight, or pain. I seem to be responding well to this focus. At the current rate of my progress, I should be close to “normal” (at least from outward appearances) sometime in early June. Dr. Yau is cautiously optimistic that I will not need future surgical adjustments of the plate and screws. He is planning to review my progress in six week increments until the end of the summer, with one or two meetings in the fall thru December. And yes, I do have a ski trip planned to Mammoth next January on the anniversary of my injury.

    Again, I say a great big THANK YOU! You and the team at Mammoth Hospital have done an outstanding job at piecing me back together. I am probably now at about 80% of my recovery thanks to you; on my way to as close to 100% as possible later this year (yes, the last few increments of improvement take as much time and work as the large chunks of improvement in the earlier stages).

    Please give my best to your whole team there,

    - Santa Barbara, CA


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