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    Comments: Dr. Gilmer,

    A Day in the Life of Raising a Female Ski Racer... Yesterday our daughter came home joking about the noises coming out of mostly her left knee while squatting - apparently one of the coaches asked ... who's making that noise? Anastasia claimed it proudly. "That's not natural" was his response. We rang the Orthopedic Clinic first thing this morning, the doctor insisted I grab her out of school and bring her in, met with US Ski & Snowboard Team Dr. Brian Gilmer, who was AMAZING! He explained that her left patella wasn't tracking correctly and that she needed to adjust how she trains, from stance to focus in order to train the muscles to keep her patella's in place. He then mentioned that she has the same build as some of the Greatest Ski Racers, but she needs to make sure that she focuses on her core as well as her knees. He had the support staff tape the knee, knowing she was training this afternoon and finished with ... "We are here for you whenever you need us." The most important thing is that you are able to Ski. Wow! Thank You!

    - Mammoth Lakes, Ca


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