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    I just wanted to express my profound appreciation to Dr Brian Gilmer and the entire staff including Dr Dawson at Mammoth Orthopedic for their help in my recent diagnosis of a malignant tumor in my right humerus and subsequent shoulder surgery and reverse shoulder replacement. Although the shoulder r...

    ~ G Wilmoth ~

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    My son had his clavicule broken in 4 pieces and we are glad that Dr Gilmer was the one to get to see him at Mammoth Hospital.

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    I walked into Mammoth Hospital with a broken shoulder after falling off my bicycle! Never broke a bone before! He was highly rated and did surgery within a couple hours! He assessed the situation and he put in a plate and 11 screws. I left Mammoth the next day not in much pain and confident that Dr ...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Hey Dr Gilmer,

    Wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of me. This is pretty scary and I felt really comfortable and in very good hands.

    - Beverly Hills CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    I am sending you a thank you for all of your help with healing my injuries —you are a wonderful doctor.

    - Fish Camp, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    We both want to thank you for the first rate job. Many more folks like my wife will benefit from your skilled hands.

    - Tucson, AZ

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dear Dr. Gilmer. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the excellent and compassionate care you gave to our son with his broken arm. I feel so fortunate that it was you who happened to be the ortho doc on call when we came into the emergency room with him that morning. I am convinced...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Thank you so much Dr. Gilmer for all your help.

    - Los Angeles, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    I just wanted to thank you guys and your crew for all the extremely professional help and care. I feel so happy and lucky that I landed in such capable hands, and that people like you made the decision in life to help other people.

    - Bishop, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    I just have to tell you that you are the best!

    - June Lake, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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