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    Dr. Gilmer,

    I would like to thank you and everyone else who took care of me. Everyone was so nice and I appreciate all the kindness.

    Thank again for all your help

    - Oakland, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Hi Dr Gilmer.

    You took excellent care of me with my fracture.

    I feel very blessed by all the great people who took care of me. Thanks again.

    - Loma Linda, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    It has been 11 months since the incident but I am still very grateful of the care provided by the Mammoth team and Dr Gilmer – particularly being half the world away from home.

    - Australia

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Hey Doc,

    I went out to the mountain for the first time this weekend and I was able to do everything and rode heavy powder, no soreness, or pain. I wanted to thank you because I rode better than I had been before surgery and the hamstring is doing amazing! I am stretching a lot before ...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    I just wanted to email you to let you know that my knee is working great. Since Surgery I have been skiing, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking and hope to soon return my my previous fitness level. I attached a couple pictures of skiing in July and climbing in September! I really appreciate your...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer,

    Thank you so much! You are awesome. Top of the line. I will only plan to get hurt in Mammoth from now on!

    - Thousand Oaks, CA

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer,

    You are an amazing, ethical human. Courageous. Kudos to you for your superb care. The physician with whom I am following up was very complimentary of your surgical work. It has been remarkable to have such extensive injury, good work, and to recover so quickly. Thank you a...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer,

    A Day in the Life of Raising a Female Ski Racer... Yesterday our daughter came home joking about the noises coming out of mostly her left knee while squatting - apparently one of the coaches asked ... who's making that noise? Anastasia claimed it proudly. "That's not natur...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer,

    Hi! I recently had my 12 week follow-up meeting with Dr. Yau here in Santa Barbara. Additional x-rays were taken and Dr. Yau had me perform a series of motions with my left arm and shoulder. He pronounced me as having made good improvement in both range of motion and reduc...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Gilmer,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my left tibia and fibula, for all your amazing knowledge as a surgeon. Most importantly, thank you for you gentle touch, amazingly reassuring voice, and ability to make a rather grave, traumatic situation a much more manageabl...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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