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Knee Deep

Going “Knee Deep”

The information provided below is intended as an educational resource intended for surgeons and trainees (medical students, postgraduate residents and fellows starting practice). The information included are my templates for patient expectations, handouts useful for counseling patients in the clinic, forms for completing letters and office paperwork, surgical operative note templates, and similar items. These are free to use for reference, but they should be edited as needed to suit your practice settings and should always be applied with clinical judgement to the treatment of individual patients. They are intended as guidelines and resources and do not constitute medical advice. Unintentional errors, intentional misuse, or unintentional misinterpretation or failure to update this information is the responsibility of the learner/user. Please reach out to me with specific questions.

I myself am always learning and am far from perfect. As seen above in the photograph taken 10 years into clinical practice, I am always seeking to learn and better understand my own techniques and principles. Any adopted modified or evolving techniques will be updated here occasionally, but should not be taken at face value as the exact technique which I am currently using or use in any particular case as I modify each note and resource to suit specific circumstances, the same as I would in clinical care. Please use your judgement but I hope the following information is helpful.

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